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Heather S.  Michaels
Producer. entertainer. activist. t.v. personality. 

Heather S. Michaels is an on camera personality and actress in the entertainment industry, having hosted and performed in many programs, both live and taped TV. She is a natural talent and has a dynamic personality and rapport with her audience and celebrity guests. 
        Heather has proven herself not only to be an outstanding TV Personality and talent, but also is known in Hollywood to be a savvy producer, collaborating and making entertainment deals happen by developing, financing and launching films while at the same time creating successful business models. Heather has taken Hollywood by storm, connecting her elaborate and quite impressive list of 'who's who' of talent to many of the projects she aligns herself with. Ms. Michaels is often being photographed at exclusive red carpet events. Her absolute love and support of charity has this 'Dynamic New York Personality' speaking out to constantly make a difference, while giving our youth inspiration and hope.
Heather was of the first female personalities to break the barrier in the world of sports and entertainment, by introducing an entertaining and dynamic personality to the TV viewers by adding her own flavor and charm to captivate her audience. She is known as a pioneer in the industry, her unique, quirky, fun and free spirited antics brought a great deal of attention to what we now know as the female host in entertainment. She has also helped launch many entertainment driven programs that we are accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. Heather possesses vast experience and many accomplishments in the TV, music and film industries. 
        Heather is also a philanthropist. She is a seasoned speaker and leader in the entertainment world and in her career as a TV personality and spokesperson, she uses her ability to speak in implementing the message of hope and encouragement to our youth in the many charitable organizations she is affiliated with. Heather was recently commended for her support of the Carrey Foundation along with Martin Lawrence. She also supports Starlight, NAMI, ALS, Susan B Komen, to name a few.
She has been a featured TV personality and artist for many well-known national TV programs. She has hosted and worked with rock, pop and R & B's most celebrated artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin and Little Richard to name a few. Heather has attended the Oscar, Grammy and Globe ceremonies and is often seen on the red carpets and premieres. Heather is very popular and well known in the Sports Industry as an established TV Sports Host for many years with the major TV networks. 
        Heather is currently in negotiations for several film projects, not only as a leading on-screen talent, she’s also aligned with many well-known industry executives to film and finance her own projects. A New York native, Michaels currently resides in Los Angeles.
What Heather is most proud of is her loyalty and compassion to her clients, family and friends as well as the many causes she believes in.  Though she’s incredibly busy, she still makes time to lend her voice to the many campaigns she’s associated with.  She firmly believes that every voice is a vote.  She has an incredibly empathetic and passionate heart as a humanitarian and an animal rights activist, most recently working on the campaign, Saving America’s Horses with friend and director, Katia Louise.  Heather’s honesty and integrity are rare within the entertainment industry and society. 
If you would like to join Heather in her causes, you can follow her at Heather S. Michaels via Facebook and Silvernight Productions.
Thank you so much for your support.  Together we can create something special that is sure to make a difference

Heather S. Michaels
tv personality, talent, producer
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